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Professional signage
manufactured in Zambia.

Contact us

Business Hours - 7:30 to 16:30 Monday to Friday        Knox (Sales Manager)             Florence (Office Manager)         Ryan (General Manager) 

Sales - 0966 813 318 (Florence) / 0966 860 591 (Knox)

Landline -   0211 252 428 / 0211 290 527


Who are we?

Signpro through its holding company is Zambia's longest standing manufacturer of quality signage and branding solutions. From design to production and installation, our team is ready to create your business image. Signpro is also your go-to provider of expertly pressed and fitted number plates, safety signage, road signs and vehicle branding and large format printing.

Our Work

The photos below represent only a small portion of what we can do. Please contact us with you custom signage requirements.



Our team consists of experienced sales representatives, designers, lay-up artists, metal workers and riggers, who are passionate about creating the best signage and branding solutions for your business.

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